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Add Value to Your Property with Roller Blinds Designed for the Gold Coast

The modern market is flooded for choice when it comes to internal and external roller blinds. And if you’re anything like us, sometimes all you want to do is beat the Gold Coast heat, filter out the harsh UV rays and protect from the elements.
Customers throughout the region often come to us for outdoor roller blinds that are suitable to withstand these conditions across the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. With numerous benefits and ease of use, the right roller blind is the best solution of products available on the market. Backed by a range of styles, colours and features designed to complement your living space.

Featured Products

A Crank Handle straight drop blind is a great alternative when a side track/channel blind is not possible to be utilized.
All Season’s Vinyl and Canvas offer a range of Clear PVC Blinds including Ziptrak for a more elegant option or the more traditional option of Crank Handle, Rope and Pulley or Hand Rolled.
Ziptrak outdoor track guided blind system is Australian Owned and Invented to suit Australia’s unique climate.

Why choose roller blinds over other alternatives?

  • Easy to maintain: With a modern roller blind or window covering, they are easy to clean and able to withstand a number of conditions. Because this product doesn’t have a horizontal surface, dirt, dust and grime can’t build up, so it makes an easy to clean product.  A simple wipe with damp cloth does the trick.
  • Uninterrupted views: If you’re someone that enjoys the outlook from your living or outdoor area, then these designs make for a great way to preserve the view. When retracted, they don’t remain blocking the window or opening, meaning your views aren’t disrupted in any way, shape or form.
  • Versatile: Choose from a large selection of colours through to different opacities which make these products a great solution for a variety of applications. Match them with your interior or exterior; opt for a level of transparency that suits you best to ensure complete flexibility with the appearance of each living space.
  • Cost-effective: For a long lasting and cost effective way of reducing cooling and heating costs, internal or external roller blinds are a good way to keep the heat out in summer and warmth in in winter. Designed to embrace your hip-pocket, not hinder it, these products are a great investment for your home or business.
  • Non-intrusive: Hunting around for a sleek, modern design is a challenge. From bulky curtains that hang in the way, look messy and are hard to clean to other roller blinds with chains and light gaps, our alternative is stylish neat and modern. The outdoor roller blinds we offer are fastened to the window frame giving a neat sleek appearance.

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