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Whether you’re a business or a homeowner on the Gold Coast or Northern NSW, blinds or awnings offer a quick and easy way to shade your windows when you need it most. These days there are a number of different products available, be it retractable or permanent. Offering a number of options within our range, the All Seasons Vinyl and Canvas team can create a solution that specifically designed to match your area.

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Why use awnings?

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, roller blinds have a number of benefits for home and business owners alike. Typically, they’re used to block out the sun or to provide protection from the elements. Awnings that are permanently installed are generally over the-window designs, while roller blind options can sit within the frame itself.

Benefits include:

  • Protection against Mother Nature 
  • Ward off damage from UV light – especially on your furniture or interiors
  • Keep windows cooler during hot periods of the year
  • Save and conserve energy by trapping in cooler air
  • Cut power bills from reducing your reliance on heating or cooling
  • Create an aesthetic appeal or specific look for your space

How to choose the right awning?

While our experts will always guide you in the right direction, there are a few ways you can make sure you’re taking the right path:

  • Fabric/material: Consider what kind of texture or style you’re looking for in your design. Different materials have different types of upkeep and cleaning guidelines, so it pays to make sure your chosen option suits your lifestyle.
  • Angle: This is extremely important for overall performance especially for Easterly or Westerly facing windows, choosing the right style of roller blind or awning is crucial to get the maximum benefit from your purchase. Ask one of our experts to assist you in choosing an option that’s most beneficial to you..
  • Retractable or freestanding: Think about whether you want the flexibility of being able to retract them whenever you want. In winter, you might want more light to enter your space and in summer more protection from the UV rays.
  • Style: There are plenty of designs to choose from on the market and within our collection. We recommend speaking to one of our specialists about the different textures, shades and styles we have available. This will allow you to match your product with your interior and exterior.