Australians, especially those living on the Gold Coast, enjoy entertaining outdoors and embrace the lifestyle that comes with a sunny climate. This love of outdoor entertaining has seen the rise of alfresco living spaces, which has seen an increase in privacy solutions.

When you’re looking for the ideal privacy solution that will transform your outdoor alfresco area, our custom blinds are an ideal option that protects you from the sun and exudes style.

Features of Ziptrak Blinds

Multi-patented and invented in Australia, Ziptrak is a locally owned blind company that has created a functional and durable design. It’s simple yet sophisticated design is easy to use and smoothly glides. This, along with the following features, makes it the ideal addition to your outdoor area:

  • Adjustable height: Take the blind to your desired position by letting go of it at your preferred height.
  • Spring-balanced: The spring carries the weight of the blind and gives it a light feel, and makes it easy to adjust.
  • Centre lock: The locking mechanism secures the blind when down in place. The system works by unlocking right and left simultaneously.
  • Wide measurements: Maximum Ziptrak dimensions are 6 m wide by 3.5 m tall.
  • Pull system: With a push and pull mechanism to push up or lower down, there is no need to deal with a complex crank system often used with outdoor blinds.
  • User-friendly design: There are no cords, handles or exposed wiring, making it system safe for the whole family to be around.

Easy & Quick Ziptrak Installation

When you have your Ziptrak blinds installed, the process means minimal intrusion and is completed relatively quickly and easily. After you make your custom order, all required on the day is installation. Generally, the installation of one blind is completed within two to three hours. This means you can enjoy the privacy of your outdoor zone within 24 hours.

Benefits of Ziptrak Blinds

With the love of entertaining outdoors becoming more popular, creating relaxing spaces in backyards has become a priority. The addition of Ziptrak blinds to these spaces – whether hung in your alfresco area, patio, balcony, or gardens – offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Space Maximisation

With many properties getting smaller, having an outdoor space where the blinds take up little room gives you additional areas to relax and unwind.

  • Privacy

Having Ziptrak blinds installed means added privacy for you while enjoying your outdoor zones. Whether you choose block out or darker shades, you can choose from our exclusive collection.

  • Protect Furnishings

Enjoy the outdoors without swatting away the bugs. The blinds make a barrier that keeps bugs and dust out, so you and your friends and family can enjoy the outdoors.

  • Entertain All Year Round

Perhaps one of the best benefits of Ziptrak is that it keeps the elements at bay while you enjoy entertaining. Lower your blinds and get the party started, whether it’s windy, raining, or the UV rays are intense.

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You know the choice is right when you can order custom blinds from your local Gold Coast professionals. Choose from the many features, sizes, colours and styles that this range offers, safe for the whole family. Whether you’re looking to transform your home’s outdoor space or looking to add value to your home, our team is ready to hear your preferences and add custom blinds to your outdoor areas.